Postcards of West Dearborn

A Tour of West Dearborn In Postcards

Early 1900s West Dearborn Postcards in the DHM Collection

In 1907, the Federal Government allowed postcards to be mailed with messages on the back. This lead to an explosive growth of postcards being effectively used as early 1900s social media posts that shared places people live, places people have been to, or concepts people find entertaining. The largest number of American postcards were produced in Germany from 1907 until 1915. Unfortunately the disruption of World War I halted German postcard production. American producers took their place but their products were often of a lower quality. As a result, postcard collecting became less of a hobby after 1915.

This exhibit once completed aims to share every postcard of West Dearborn produced during the golden era of 1907-15 up to when Dearborn merged wih Fordson in 1929.