The Museum Guild of Dearborn

The Museum Guild of Dearborn is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that supports the Dearborn Historical Museum. You can help the Museum Guild keep the doors open for tours, exhibits, research and education purposes. It’s your museum! The Guild’s dedication to the community is strong and our mission to preserve our heritage for future generations is our primary goal. You can help us with a donation, joining our membership, an endowment or remember us in your will. The Guild is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your support is acknowledged for tax purposes.

Every little bit goes a long way for us, we know how to budget and get the most from your generosity. The Museum Guild of Dearborn is a group of organizations and works in conjunction with the Dearborn Historical Museum and with the Dearborn Historical Commission to coordinate major events and educational programs. The Guild’s member groups also provide the major portion of the funding and the volunteer workers for the Museum.

Who are the member groups? Currently there are 23, and they are diverse in their interests and fields of expertise. All of the groups welcome new members and you can contact them with any questions you may have. Have a scrapbooking club, a book club, car club? A writers’ group, cooking or sewing group, or woodworking group?

If you already have a group or are interested in forming your own group, the requirements to join the Museum Guild of Dearborn requires that your group be willing to abide by the Mission and goals of the Guild. If your organization wants to meet at the museum, your group will be required to pay a small membership fee.

Your group will also need to participate in various fund-raising activities throughout the year. The benefits of belonging to the Guild, a truly diverse group that has the interest of the Dearborn Historical Museum’s needs at heart, means you will have a great place to meet, with kitchen facilities and private parking lot. Your representative will participate in the decision making processes regarding the museum, and hear from guests such as Mayor John B. O’Reilly Jr. Your group can put on exhibits to show your work and talents to the public.

The Museum Guild of Dearborn has become the primary funding source for the Museum. There are many ways for the public and for member groups to support the Museum, from dropping a dollar into the donation box, patronizing the gift shop, donating to one of our special accounts or leaving a legacy in our endowment fund–it all benefits the Museum and its programs.

1 thought on “The Museum Guild of Dearborn”

  1. Do you plan on having a volume three of the Best Dearborn Stories? I come from a family of five and I’m sure each one of us would be able to contribute a story as well as some of our friends. A lot of the already told stories (which are enjoyable) are from a much older generation. We grew up in the 70s and 80s in Dearborn. My brother JIMMY still lives in Dearborn and has raised his family there.

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