Guild Members

As of 2020, the following groups are members of the Museum Guild of Dearborn. Each group is always seeking to add new members. To receive information on any of the following Guild groups, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page with the name of the group you are interested in and you will be contacted with further information.

  1. Artists’ Society of Dearborn
    • Fine artists, supports many Dearborn functions
  2. Cherry Hill Questers #32
    • Sharing knowledge about antiques and antiquities
  3. Creative Flower Arrangers Guild
    • Coming together to work with flowers and flower arrangements
  4. Daughters of the American Revolution, Col. Joshua Howard Chapter
    • Dedicated to researching and honoring American Revolution soldiers
  5. Dearborn Catholic War Veterans Post #1540
    • Veterans service organization
  6. Dearborn Democratic Club
    • Michigan’s largest Democratic club, active at every level of government
  7. Dearborn Gatehouse Questers #258
    • Sharing knowledge about antiques and antiquities
  8. Dearborn Genealogical Society
    • Studies the people of our past
  9. Dearborn Herb Study Association
    • Furthers the ancient craft of herb growing and use
  10. Dearborn Hills Civic Association
    • Coordinates neighborhood activities for Dearborn Hills
  11. Dearborn Historical Society
    • Identifies and preserves Dearborn’s past
  12. Dearborn Porcelain Artists
    • Practices the art of porcelain painting
  13. Friends of the Dearborn Symphony
    • Supports the Dearborn Symphony
  14. Garden Club of Dearborn
    • Cultivators and exhibitors of local gardens
  15. General Henry Dearborn Quilting Society
    • Keeps the ancient craft of quilting alive
  16. Greater Detroit Doll Crafters
    • Supports information and skill development related to doll crafting
  17. Henry Ford Heritage Association
    • Preserves and celebrates history related to Henry Ford
  18. Morley Area Residents Association
    • Coordinates neighborhood activities for the Morley Avenue area
  19. Michigan Arts to the People
    • Maintains the appreciation of fine performing arts of easy access to everyone
  20. Michigan Stamp Club
    • Collects, studies, and shows stamps from various countries and subjects
  21. River Park Questers #704
    • Sharing knowledge about antiques and antiquities
  22. Sons of the Union Veterans of the Civil War, John S. Cosbey Camp #427
    • Keeps alive the memory of the Union Civil War soldier
  23. Tollgate Questers #180
    • Sharing knowledge about antiques and antiquities