Other West Dearborn Street Scene And Rail Postcards

Mason Street looking south from Michigan Avenue around 1910. The brick building on the right at the corner of what is now West Village Drive was the former Lapham Bank and later the office of the Dearborn Press along with an Odd Fellows Temple.

Garrison Street looking east from Monroe after 1910. The brick homes to the right were constructed with brick from the Detroit Arsenal Armory which burned down in 1910.
Garrison Street looking west toward Howard Street. Postcard probably dates from before 1912.

Military Avenue looking north from Michigan Avenue.
Military Avenue looking north from Morley around 1918
Looking east at what is now the intersection of Brady and Cherry Hill after 1915. Straight ahead was the entrance to the old Degen Farm.

This postcard labeled “At The Ford Farm” shows the old entry way to the Ford Fair Lane Estate running north from Michigan Avenue. Before the Fair Lane estate was constructed, it was portion of the Indian Trail and early road known as Ann Arbor Trail and sometimes the Ten Eyck Road.

Interurban streetcar pictured on Michigan Avenue. Postcard is postmarked 1911.
Interurban streetcar pictured on Michigan Avenue by the Detroit Arsenal Armory before that building burned down in 1910.
Looking west toward the old interurban streetcar barns that were on Michigan Avenue east of Brady. The modern west bound lanes of Michigan Avenue are in the location of the Rouge. This postcard’s image was probably taken before 1912.
Dearborn’s Michigan Central Railroad Depot which was on the north side of the tracks between Mason and Howard. The depot was built in 1886 and torn down in the mid 1910s to be replaced by a freight depot.