Plan a Field Trip

The Dearborn Historical Museum offers our Pioneer Program field trip opportunity to elementary age students between the months of March and June each year. In order to comply with Covid-19 guidelines, DHM staff have decided to make this year’s field trip entirely virtual. This year’s program will combine short video segments replicating the usual Pioneer School Program experience with activities, projects, history, and games that will show students what life was like during pioneer times in Wayne County.

While this program is designed to meet content standards for second grade students, it can be adapted to meet the needs of other grade levels. To find out more about our program, please check out our 2021 Virtual Field Trip Guide and Content Standards below, which provide more detailed information. If you are interested in booking a field trip, please contact the museum at, or (313) 565-3000.

If you are a Dearborn Public Schools teacher, please reach out to the Museum at for specific field trip information.