West Dearborn River Rouge Postcards

Numerous early postcards show the River Rouge in West Dearborn around where Michigan Avenue crossed it.

These postcards of the main branch of the Rouge were likely taken either a short distance south of Michigan Avenue or in the vicinity of Ford’s Fair Lane mansion.

These postcard images of the Rouge taken around 1910 were shot just east of Brady St near the current Dearborn train station. The current westbound lanes of Michigan Avenue run where the River Rouge is shown in these images. Visible to the right of the images is the original routing of Michigan Avenue.

Ice on the River Rouge at an unidentified location probably north of Michigan Avenue

Fishing on the River Rouge probably South of Michigan Avenue

Postcard probably from the late 1910s or 1920s showing the Lower Branch of the Rouge probably near what later became Ford Field Park
Lower Branch of the River Rouge possibly at Telegraph Road or further west

Bridge over the Lower Rouge behind the Dearborn Historical Museum’s Ross House on Brady Street

Postcard labeled as the mud flat area near where the Lower Rouge meets the main channel

Farm land along the Rouge probably near Michigan Avenue.