Dearborn High Evolution

Dearborn High’s undefeated 1921 football team
Pictured is the original Dearborn High shortly before its demolition.

Due to capacity and fire safety concerns, a new Dearborn High School replaced the original building at the beginning of 1926 at the corner of Mason and Garrison streets. The first Dearborn High had about 8 rooms used for classes and activities. In comparison, the new Dearborn High opened in 1926 had nearly 50 rooms.

Above is the second Dearborn High School in winter.
A play is performed at Dearborn High School, February 17th, 1937.

This building eventually closed in 1957 and became Ray Adams Junior High School. Adams Junior High School closed in 1982.

In 1944, the school districts of Fordson and Dearborn merged into a consolidated system. Between 1954 and 1956, 63 total acres were purchased from St. Joseph’s Retreat for the modern Dearborn High, which opened in the fall of 1957.  

The third and current Dearborn High

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More detailed information about Dearborn High’s early history can be read in the Winter 2018 issue of the Dearborn Historian starting on page 15.