Dearborn Hospitals

Dearborn General Hospital opened in 1925 as the community’s first hospital at the old Snow Mansion at Monroe and Snow Streets. A fire destroyed that building in 1932 and forced the hospital to move to the John Daly residence at Oakwood and Morley. You can learn more about other area hospitals below or visit specific pages on Oakwood and St Joseph Retreat Hospitals.

Dearborn General Hospital at the old John Daly Residence (Oakwood at Morley)

Until Oakwood Hospital opened, healthcare procedures for Dearborn residents were handled by a number of small facilities and Detroit hospitals. Below is a list of healthcare facilities serving Dearborn in 1950.

Henry Ford Hospital

Henry Ford Hospital on Grand Boulevard in the New Center Area of Detroit originally opened in 1915. For much of Dearborn’s early history, it was the primary large hospital serving the area. Below are some images from a 1949 souvenir booklet of the hospital.

Keye’s Dearborn Diagnostic Hospital

Until Oakwood Hospital opened, Dearborn’s largest hospital was likely Dr Eugene Keyes’s Dearborn Diagnostic Hospital on Maple just north of Michigan. While completed in 1932, zoning violations delayed the opening until the following year. Zoning and building code violations resulted in repeated threats throughout the 30s to close the hospital. Eventually the hospital was purchased by the City and demolished in 1965.

Dearborn Diagnostic Hospital
Dearborn Diagnostic Hospital news clipping from October 4th 1935

Dearborn Industrial and General Hospital

Another early medical facility that served East Dearborn was the Dearborn Industrial and General Hospital. It opened in 1941 at 10149 Michigan as an expansion to a Dearborn Medical Center clinic. By the 1950s, the whole facility at 10149-10151 Michigan was known as the Dearborn Medical Center Hospital. Much of what is visible along Michigan Avenue was constructed as part of a renovation and expansion project in the early 1970s. The facility was bought by Oakwood Health Services Corporation in 1986.

Dearborn Independent – 3/28/1941
1971 image of the Dearborn Medical Center Hospital

1984 flyer for the Dearborn Medical Center


Despite being in what is now Westland, the Eloise Hospital complex run by Wayne County is frequently mentioned when discussing Dearborn hospitals. We’ve digitized a history of the complex from the DHM collection produced in 1962 that you can now download here.

Eloise Hospital Complex in 1910.