John Carey

John Carey, an aeronautical engineer, won the 1935 mayoral election against Clyde Ford and was the second Mayor to preside over consolidated Dearborn. Due to increased manufacturing at the Rouge plant, Dearborn’s economy strengthened during his time in office.

Carey would serve as mayor until 1941. Some of the most significant events to happen during the Carey administration were attempts to unionize Ford Motor Company. During the Battle of the Overpass, Dearborn police notably did not play a role when Ford security officers attacked union organizers in full view of a Detroit News photographer. Four years later in 1941, Carey drew criticism when he deputized Ford Security officers into Dearborn Police units guarding areas during a major Ford Strike.

An invitation requesting the presence of Mayor John L. Carey at the arrival of the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth at the Windsor Canadian National Station in Windsor, Ontario, Canada on June 6th, 1939 from 7:00 – 7:30 p.m.
Dearborn’s next mayor, Orville Hubbard, shakes hands with John Carey.
John Carey at his Clarkston home, c.1970