Fordson Mayors

Before the birth of the modern City of Dearborn on January 15th, 1929, the area was largely split into an old community of Dearborn and the City of Fordson. The City of Fordson was originally named Springwells, which was formed from the remnants of Springwells Township in 1919. Fordson Mayor Joseph Karmann led a campaign to merge Fordson and Dearborn into one city, which would have the benefit of space for new development and civic improvements. Thanks to the support of Henry Ford, voters approved the merger of the new communities. Potential names for the new combined city included Dearson and Fordborn, but none gained traction. Due to the greater history of the Dearborn name, that was left as the title for the newly created city.

Key figures of the consolidation movement included Charles Sorensen (left), Albert Ternes, Charles Clippert, Ernest Liebold, and Henry Ford. Seated in center is Fordson Mayor Joseph Karmann.
Joseph M. Karmann brass City of Springwells dedication plate.
Joseph Karmann would later serve as the first president of the Dearborn Historical Society from 1940-41. He is pictured here c. 1960-64.
After Joseph Karmann, Floyd Yinger served as Mayor of Fordson for one year, in 1928 before running in the mayoral race for the new consolidated City of Dearborn.
Floyd Yinger would lose the race to Clyde Ford, who would become the first mayor of the new City of Dearborn.