Mayor Abdullah Hammoud

The proud son of immigrant parents, Mayor Abdullah Hammoud has been an unwavering advocate for his hometown of Dearborn for more than a decade. As Mayor, he is committed to reinventing government to deliver results for working families and residents in every corner of the city.

Elected as the city’s seventh mayor back in 2021, his plans include investing in infrastructure, improving public health and safety, and delivering quality services while lowering the tax burden on residents.

In three terms representing Dearborn in the Michigan House of Representatives, Mayor Hammoud has pushed for resources and shaped policy to improve quality of life and create a more resilient city. He remains committed to addressing Dearborn’s aging infrastructure while pursuing innovative solutions to mitigate chronic flooding and upgrade technology to improve the city’s operations.

His deep roots in environmental advocacy date back to his election as the youngest member for the Michigan League of Conservation Voters in 2014 where he fought to protect Michigan’s land, air, and water, and develop environmentally conscious policy. As State Representative, he rallied the community to hold polluters accountable and provided the blueprint for the current policy passed by City Council to improve Dearborn’s air quality.

Blending his background in epidemiology and finance, Mayor Hammoud has also served as a state and national health expert advising major health care systems where he developed strategies to maximize revenue streams, create cost-saving strategies, and identify gaps in health care coverage. This included helping manage the $45 billion UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust Fund while at the Center for Healthcare Research and Transformation, as well as serving as the Vice Chair of Michigan’s $30 billion Health and Human Services Budget in the Michigan House of Representatives.

A product of Dearborn Public Schools and three-time graduate of the University of Michigan, Mayor Hammoud believes in the transformative power of education. He has master’s degrees in business administration and public health, and a bachelor’s degree in science.

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Abdullah Hammoud election materials in the Dearborn Historical Museum collection
Mayor Hammoud photographed by museum staff at an August 2022 Yemeni Cultural Day held at Qahwah House
State Representative Abdullah Hammoud photographed by museum staff with Debbie Dingell at Edsel Ford High School in August 2017