The Dearborn Police during the 1950s-60s

The Dearborn Police force pictured in 1955.

Loot seized from juvenile car strippers – June 6th 1950

Police traffic tower opposite the Ford Rouge Plant pictured in 1954
Article on Dearborn Police Traffic Control Towers

Public Safety Director Marguerite Johnson and police officers – ca, 1950s

During 1955, Dearborn became one of the first cities in the US to acquire dogs for use by its police department. While the program was popular, the initial experiment lasted only 10 months as it was deemed Dearborn didn’t have enough use for the dogs. The four dogs acquired by Dearborn were later sold to Portland Oregon.

Dearborn Police dog pictured in March 1955

Magazine cover profiling the Dearborn Police canine division.

December 1953

Dearborn Police motorcycle unit pictured in July 1954

Police dragging for body of Gertrude Gatt – February 1957

New Dearborn Police Headquarters near Michigan and Greenfield that was completed in 1961

1969 Ford with C Series Cabover

Demonstrating use of new police and fire phone – June 1969