The Dearborn Police during the 1920s-40s

The Dearborn Police force after the modern city was established in 1929. The force consisted of 73 uniformed officers and 14 plain clothes officers at the time.

1931 photo of Dearborn Police and Court Building on Maple St. The building was completed in 1928 and was used by the police until 1961.

Circa 1930s photo of the dispatch room at Dearborn Police Headquarters

Charles Slamer and Henry Mida pictured next to a scout car on Ellar Street in 1929

Photo from a Dearborn Police raid upon an illegal alcohol establishment known as a “blind pig”

Circa 1930s police raid at a pool hall

Slot machines seized by the Dearborn Police in 1935.

Dearborn Police target range pictured in November 1943

Netta Hitchcock was hired as Dearborn’s first police woman in 1936. Here she is with additional police women that were hired in 1944.