The Western Border of Dearborn

Gulley Road south of Ford Road.

During much of the early history of the village of Dearborn, the western boundary of the community was in the vicinity of Nowlin Street. However since 1925, the western boundary of Dearborn has been Gulley Road after the community’s boundaries grew to include new developments.

Since 1963, Dearborn has bordered Dearborn Heights on the west. Dearborn Heights was formed from previously unincorporated areas of Dearborn Township plus a strip of land that was a part of the village of Inkster. The lack of access to Dearborn neighborhoods south of Michigan Avenue on Gulley is notable as that is the portion that used to be the Inkster border.

Gulley Road was named after Alfred B Gulley, a successful farmer who lived near the corner of Michigan and Gulley from the 1850s through much of the 19th century. As a result of his successful farming efforts, he was eventually appointed as an agriculture professor at Michigan Agricultural College (now MSU).

1911 photo of the former Alfred Gulley home which was built in 1859. In 1911, the structure was acquired by Henry Ford to be used as a boys home.