Return of the Teddy Bear Picnic

The last weekend of June saw the return of the Teddy Bear Picnic after a seven-year absence. We had a great turn out and are already planning new and better things for next year!

The Teddy Bear Picnic had been a Dearborn historical Museum tradition but the museum wasn’t able to put on the event for over half a decade. Thanks to the help of the Dearborn Historical Society and volunteers the Teddy Bear picnic is back! The picnic featured games, contests, and a Teddy Bear Parade (led by Rooty, the A&W bear himself!) for families to enjoy. It was exciting to see a favorite museum event return to such enthusiasm.


Over 100 people showed up for the return of the Teddy Bear Picnic. With such a great turn out, the museum is already doing our best to think up more games and prizes for next year’s picnic. This is an event that we at the Dearborn Historical Museum want to keep growing for a long time.

A&W helped sponsor the Teddy Bear Picnic, providing free root beer, and temporary tattoos for families and volunteers. Their contribution really can’t be downplayed. A&W even got Rooty to show up and lead the Teddy Bear Parade!


We had so much fun at the Teddy Bear Picnic and hope you did too! See you there next year!

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